GreenSock tips and tricks

Start animations after page loads
The window.onload event fires at the end of the document loading process. At this point, all of the objects in the document are in the DOM, and all the images, scripts, links and sub-frames have finished loading.
You can create many timelines inside one parent timeline to get a better and simpler control of your animations.
So you can follow below style for your animations:

tl1 =newTimelineMax(),
tl2 =newTimelineMax(),
tl3 =newTimelineMax();

//Populate your timelines



mtl.add([tl1, tl2, tl3]);

} (more…)

How to remove blue links on iOS emails

It’s hard to see phone numbers, addresses, and dates styled different color with an underline indicating a link when viewing your email on an iPhone or iPad. These links trigger different types of events based on the pattern detected in the text.

Here’s an example comparing the same email viewed on an iPhone versus in Gmail:
edm_iphone (more…)

CSS3 animation cheet sheet


Add animation (keyframe rule) to any object
Example: animation-name: move

How long animation will occur
Example: animation-duration: 1s; (more…)

How to rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess in Windows?

In default many CMS installation, there is a file named htaccess.txt. If you want to use SEO, this file should be renamed to .htaccess.

In order to rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess, Go to windows start and click on Run.

How to create click to call links for mobile browsers

The “tel” HTML code sets up a link to make a phone call. It allows mobile web visitors to click a link that dials a phone number. After all, visitors have the phone in their hand! So why make them take out a piece of paper? (more…)